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Protimeter Floor Testing Kit

Protimeter Floor Testing Kit
Designed for flooring professionals who need to check the moisture of floors

Protimeter Floor Testing Kit

Protimeter Floor Testing Kit with 2-year warranty

Protimeter Floor Testing Kit Manual

Exessive moisture in floors prior to laying a floor covering will result in degeneration in the flooring product. To ensure the floor covering is not effected by moisture, is necessary to measure and reduce the amount of excess water in the floor after curing for a number of reasons:

To determine the drying time the concrete in order to apply a covering
To reduce corrosion of reinforcing steel bars
To reduce swelling and biological decay of wood based floor coverings
To prevent alkali attack on polymer based floor adhesives
To predict the final mechanical and pysical properties of the concrete
To reduce the extent of alkali silica reaction and carbonation
To study the drying out of various grades of concrete

The Protimeter Floor Testing Kit allows the user to test the moisture through three methods to ensure the correct moisture levels has been reached before laying the floor covering.

Search Mode (non-invasive)
The Protimeter Aquant2 allows the user to preform simple spot checks to determine the high and low levels before undertaking specialist checks with the Protimeter Hygromaster.

The Protimeter Aquant2 is very simple to use by helding the instrument against the surface of the material under investigation. The relative moisture level is measured by radio frequency to a nominal depth of 10-20mm. There are no needles to mark the surface and the Protimeter Aquant2 is not adversely affected by moisture.

Measure To The BSI Standard
The Protimeter Hygromaster may be used in accordance with BS8201/8203 and ASTM F2170-02 codes of practice for surface and sub-surface humidity measurement of concrete floor slabs. Humidity readings can be taken with the use of humidity sleeves or humidity box.

Flooring product manufacturers normally recommend %RH readings between 75% and 85% depending on the permeability of the product being installed. Readings from multiple Hygrosticks can be taken and recorded with ease. If itís long term measurements you need, simply set the logging start, stop and interval times and leave the instrument in place.

Sub-Surface Sleeve Test
Protimeter pioneered the sleeve test for subsurface measurement that involves measuring the equilibrium humidity in a sleeve inserted into a hole drilled into the slab. If excessive moisture is found, the sleeve cap is replaced and left for re-testing when appropriate.

A small hole is drilled in the concrete. Next, a humidity sleeve is inserted and capped flush with the floor. The relative humidity of the air in the test hole is now at the same moisture level as the concrete around it.

Surface Sleeve Test
Depending upon the conditions of the concrete floor, the user may wish not to drill holes in the floor to preform a test reading. The humidity box is a block of foam with a cavity at its center, which equalizes with the surface it is placed. The HygroStick is inserted through a hole in the side of the box.

2-Year Warranty
As Protimeter's Premier dealer, we are proud to offer an upgraded no quibble 2-year warranty on this instrument. Click for more information.

Protimeter Floor Testing Kit
Model: BLD7705-AQ
Supplied with:
+ Protimeter Aquant2
+ Protimeter Hygromaster
+ Hygrostick extension lead
+ Humidity Sleeves (20 pack)
+ Humidity Box
+ 2-Year Warranty
+ FREE Delivery
+ FREE Memory Stick

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Protimeter Moisture Meter
Protimeter Aquant2 Moisture Meter Protimeter Aquant2 is non-invasive -
No pins, No drilling

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